What is The Confetti Foundation? 

It is  a non-profit organization that supplies boxes of themed party materials to children who are hospitalized on their birthdays.  

How did it start? 

The Confetti Foundation was officially started January 1st, 2014 when Stephanie Frazier Grimm wanted to change the way birthday parties were celebrated in hospitals. We are the only non profit dedicated to supplying birthday parties to sick children.  

How does it work? 

Through volunteers, The Confetti Foundation gathers party supplies, fills the boxes, and then distributes them to participating children’s hospitals across the country. As of September 2019, 262 hospitals have agreed to pass out themed party boxes to children who are hospitalized on their birthday. 

What is inside the box? 

Each party box is unique and hand-packaged with a special theme. We currently have over 100 themes!  The boxes contain party supplies such as a banner, activities, toys, cups, and plates.  

What does it cost to produce a party box? 

Each birthday party box averages $40, which includes making and producing the supplies inside,  as well as shipping the boxes to the hospitals. As of September 2019, 7,507 boxes have been packaged and distributed to 262 hospitals! 

How can a hospital participate? 

The party boxes are available for children’s hospitals, outpatient pediatric oncology clinics, and Hospice facilities in the United States. If a children’s hospital/facility would like to participate and receive boxes for their patients, simply contact the foundation  here.
*The hospital/facility must have a Child Life Services department.  

 Why does it have to be wooden utensils, not plastic? 

When Stephanie started this, she found that families staying in hospitals had plastic utensils at every meal, so she wanted their celebration to be special, hence the wooden utensils. :) 

Where are you located? 

The Confetti Foundation is headquartered in Middletown, Rhode Island. our shipping address is 212 Old Airport Rd Middletown, RI 02842 

What are The Confetti Foundations goals? 

Our 2019 goal is to raise enough funds so that we can be supply 2500 boxes annually and be in all US Children's Hospitals, pediatric oncology clinics and Hospice facilities. More importantly, our goal is to bring communities together and share in our very own backyards. We need to assure all sick children are celebrated on their special day!  

What are your social media handles? 

We LOVE to be social! Shout us from the roof tops here: 

  • Twitter is @confettitoss 

  • Instagram is @ConfettiFoundation 

  • Facebook is @ConfettiFoundation 

What is a “birthday fairy” or  a  "birthday hero"? 

A birthday fairy or a birthday hero is a volunteer who reaches out to their local children’s hospital to facilitate a relationship with The Confetti Foundation. They are responsible for hand-delivering each box to the hospital, organizing local fundraisers, and raising local awareness about The Confetti Foundation. Drop-offs can range from once a month, to once every six months; each hospital varies.

I am a Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troop Leader, how can I get my group involved?  

We LOVE that children want to give back to their communities! Unfortunately groups can not pack boxes and deliver the boxes to the hospitals. Hospitals have regulations that we have to follow, so all boxes need to be packed at our headquarters in Middletown, RI. What they can do is make us  birthday cards, collect  birthday supplies or make  DIY Banners which  is then mailed to our headquarters and we distribute to the hospitals. *collected party supplies  CAN NOT be delivered to hospitals directly. 

Who is the founder? 

The Confetti Foundation was founded in January 2014, by Stephanie Frazier Grimm.  Stephanie is the owner of  Couture Parties, a wedding and event planning and design company serving Newport, RI. More information about the team can be found  here

How is the foundation funded? 

The Confetti Foundation is funded through private donations,  corporate team building activities, corporate sponsors, and small business sponsors. One hundred percent of the foundation’s donations go to creating, stuffing, and shipping each and every birthday party box. Donations are accepted in many forms, please take a look at ways to  give.

I am a business who wants to donate product to put in the boxes?  

We love to partner with companies! Every box comes with  the following, but we can also add an extra "gift" to  the  themed box! For example, a princess book into the princess themed box or a gym bag for the sports themed box. We are certainly PR friendly, so let us know what your clients would like to help us out with!  *unfortunately edible products can not be included. 

How can people volunteer? 

The Confetti Foundation has many ways to get involved: (*The Confetti Foundation DOES NOT offer court ordered volunteer hours) 

  • If you live in the area of Newport, RI, you can help at a “packing party” where we make the party supplies and stuff the boxes.  Sorry, packing parties can ONLY take place in our studio, they can not be hosted in other states UNLESS  through a team building event with minimum 100 guests.  

  • You can become a birthday fairy/hero and connect with your local hospital to distribute birthday party boxes in your area  here. 

  • Hold a product drive! Ask friends and family to donate party supplies. Our official wish list is  here

  • You can make a donation to The Confetti Foundation  here

  • Hold a fundraiser and have us be the charity of choice! (bake sale, marathon, dress down day etc.) 

  • Craft our banners. All DIY Banner info and downloads can be found here