You have been invited to host a birthday party at your participating hospital, YEAH! Here are some tips to make it a successful event!


  • We need at least 7 business days to make this happen!

  • Provide your Child Life Specialist with our list of themes so they can ask the child

  • Ask the family/Child Life Specialist the following questions: What theme? Date of the party? What time? How many guests are expected? Is this in the child’s room or a community room in hospital?

  • Tell The Confetti Foundation what theme they would like (we will provide a Birthday in a Box for the amount of people requested, multiples of 4)

  • Get to work in your community! Try to get a cake (if hospital isn’t providing one) create an Amazon Wish list of items for the birthday child (gifts or decorations) you can share with friends to purchase items and be sent directly to you, reach out to local restaurant to provide a meal for the family, see if family wants a photographer.

  • Reach out to Gigmasters to see about entertainment

  • If providing balloons, make sure they are Mylar ONLY

    Day of the party

  • Confirm with Child Life that child is feeling well enough to have the party

  • Confirm all vendors arrival times (give them meeting location, your cell phone number, parking info and any security checkpoints they need to go through)

  • Meet at the hospital to set up the party! (party should not be longer then 1 hour)

  • If bringing gifts, ask Child Life Specialist if they can be wrapped or if they have to go in a gift bag due to security

  • Use a portable speaker and phone to play music from our Spotify playlist

  • Be positive! Always smile and NEVER ask a parent the child’s illness

  • Clean up

  • Pat yourself on the back, job well done!

  • Let The Confetti Foundation know you hosted a party (provide any approved photos)