Be a Birthday Influencer 

 With your commitment to being a birthday fairy/hero, we ask that for your own birthday you create a fundraising campaign, this can be done via Facebook or Crowdrise. How to create the campaigns:

 Via Facebook

 1. Two weeks before your birthday, set up your campaign

2. Go to our Facebook Page

3. Click raise money

3. Set your goal! 

4. Share! Share! Share! 


Via Crowdrise 

 1. Two weeks before your birthday, set up your campaign 

2. Go to

3. Click Start a Campaign

4. Click Create

5. Set your goal! 

6. Share! Share! Share! 

 Sample post:

For my birthday this year, I am asking friends to donate to The Confetti Foundation in honor of my hospitalized birthday buddies (kids who share the same birthday as me). I am an official Birthday Fairy/Hero for the organization and we provide birthday parties to children who are hospitalized, receive treatment at an oncology clinic or in a Hospice facility. Please learn more of our efforts by visiting Your donation is GREATLY appreciated!