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Thank you so much for reaching out to be a birthday fairy/hero in your local children’s hospital or pediatric oncology clinic!  As of September 1, 2019, we have celebrated over 7,400 birthdays in 262 children’s hospitals in 48 states! We thank you for your enthusiasm in celebrating our mission by bringing happiness to a hospitalized child in your community. 

Below, please find all the necessary information you will need to download get a new hospital on board! (there is only one Birthday Fairy per hospital and you must be 18+), please check our PARTICIPATING HOSPITALS page BEFORE you reach out to your local hospital/clinic. We also provide other ways to give back, if your local hospital already has an established Birthday Fairy/Hero.

  • Making Birthday cards – more info can be found HERE

  • Party Supply/Book Drive information can be found HERE

  • DIY Banners to be crafted by you or your group HERE

  • Start a fundraising campaign HERE 

  • Supporting our Amazon Wish List HERE

Once you have your hospital/clinic on board, please contact us at birthday@confettifoundation.org to share all the necessary information to get them started with our program.

We are so excited to party with you in your community! 


Birthday Fairy Procedures 

Info for Child Life 

Being a Birthday Fairy/Hero