So you want to be involved with our foundation, GREAT!

(*note* we as a foundation DO NOT ask hospitals to participate, you as a volunteer would do that, we would like this to be a community effort, that is why we have established it that way) If a Children's Hospital contacts us themselves, we will find them a volunteer in their area, they will never be turned down of the program) 

Duties would include: 

  • You must be 18 years or older to be a Birthday Fairy or Birthday Hero (strict hospital policy, children are NOT allowed in hospitals unless their siblings are admitted) 

  • Letting us know what hospital you would like to work with. 

  • Contacting your local children's hospital, pediatric oncology clinic, or Hospice facility to see if they would like to establish the program. (Child Life Services Department) 

  • Networking the program amongst friends/colleagues/clients via social media, in person contacts, or have a blog. We will give you a "button" to promote that you are a fairy or hero. Fundraising is so critical for us, to make sure we can constantly supply boxes! 

  • The Birthday Fairy/Hero will be the eyes and ears of their hospital and they will be in contact with the hospital to see how their supply is going. Most hospitals at this time are asking for five boxes, for they do not have the capacity to keep many on hand.  You would contact us to let us know when your hospital was running low. Depending on what type of funds we have, will influence how many boxes we can supply, hence why we will also need our fairies to shout it from the roof tops! Deliveries can be as much as once a month, or once every 6 months, every hospital is different. 

  • Have a "special" request? For example, your hospital has a child who is in the hospital for 2 months and we know he LOVES trucks, you tell us, and we can send a truck box along with some other treats, and if you had special permission you could set up the room for them! Privacy is the MOST important factor, so please bare caution. 

  • Your hospitals party boxes will be sent to YOU, it will be your responsibility to form a team (can just be yourself) to drop them off to your hospital in a timely manner, we will also be in touch with the hospitals to make sure it is running flawlessly. (Your children CAN  participate in drop off, but will NOT be allowed in the patient's rooms.) 

  • Themes sent are random, typically 2 girl 2 boy and unisex. The themes vary in age from 1-18 years of age. Each box contains a set of 4 forks, spoons, napkins, plates, cups, straws, 1 happy birthday banner, 2 crepe paper rolls, birthday cards, 4 crayons, a book, a plush singing cupcake, a birthday badge, 2 coloring sheets and stickers. Older kids boxes will have book marks instead of coloring  materials. 

What you get 

  • A mention on our website as a Birthday Fairy/Hero, (with your approved hospital) 

  • That warm and fuzzy feeling inside that you were able to help parents/guardians not have to think about getting party supplies for their sick child, and the happiness of a child's surprised face! We promise, it feels GREAT! 

Let's get you spreading Birthday Cheer with us! 

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Must be a hospital we DO NOT have secured, please check our "participating hospitals" before applying